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Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Batik Mega Mendung

Almost the entire area of ​​Java has a rich culture unique batik. of course there are areas that are more prominent such as Solo, Yogyakarta, and Pekalongan. but the wealth of art batik Cirebon area is also no less than other cities.
Historically, the area contained cirebon busy port visited various immigrants from within and outside the country. One influential settlers are immigrants from China that bring confidence and art of his country.
In the History of Sunan Gunung Jati explained that the development of Islamic teachings in Cirebon married a Chinese princess Ong Named Tie. His wife is very concerned with the arts, especially ceramics. Motifs on ceramics brought from the country of China is ultimately affect batik motifs to occur Cirebon blend of cultures-China.
One of the most famous motifs of batik Cirebon area is Mega Snow or Cloud-awanan. In this motif can be seen in both form and color style Chinese tastes.
Motif symbolizing cloudy mega carriers in the later rain-natikan as carriers of fertility, and the giver of life. This motif is dominated by the color blue, light blue began hingg dark blue. Dark blue color depict the dark clouds that contain rain water, the giver of life, while the blue color symbolizes the brightness of life.

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